Distinctive shapes and well-defined details.


For those who appreciate fine craftsmanship in general and in details. The name “Tekna” has its origins in the word “téchne”

In ancient Greek it was the art of metalworking, and over time it became“know-how”. Tekna is a kitchen that stands out with its doors with an integrated handle, a technical detail achieved with a cavity surmounted by a metal strip,with a titanio or metal finish, to allow a grip and an opening.


Distinctive shapes and well-defined details.

Tekna 01 makes a statement. With its high tall units with Teca glass doors combined with other storage units in matte resina cromo PET; with ovens, framed by the playful effect of handles; with the decorative details of 823 statuario HPL countertops.

Thick noce Imperial laminate panels, which define the island, from the external area to the kitchen area, re-introduced in the wainscoting; with countertop shelves and accessories, ideal for accessorising the kitchen as you please.

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